Creating a new level of R&D confidence

To reach the next phase — and the phase after that — with confidence, it helps to have the kind of tools and product detail you can only get with the deep data of IQVIA.

Our easy-to-access information can help you spot future threats to your portfolio while you still have time to act, and constantly identify new opportunities for licensing or partnerships. You can:

  • Access over 470,000 products and nearly 40,000 drug profiles to analyze successful launch strategies.
  • Evaluate the progress of your R&D pipeline, gain insights into R&D activities across the industry, monitor therapy class and indication pipelines.
  • Review launch activity by indication and therapeutic area, verify market penetration of generics, and monitor the entry of biotechnology drugs.
  • Navigate pipeline and product launch data instantly.

With our experience and our data sourcing, combined with the power of the IQVIA CORE, we are able to help you extend your product’s life cycle and be ready for what’s next in the pipeline.

Find out how IQVIA unparalleled data assets can be customized to help improve your R&D.

Harness IQVIA's Full Power

Introducing the IQVIA CORE™, the new way we'll innovate.

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