Capitalize on opportunities specific to your markets, products, and patients

Drug manufacturers have very different portfolios today than in previous decades. Specialty medicines and new biologics are on the rise. Biosimilars and non-originals are taking hold as key competitors. Drug development is focused on rare diseases, niche patient populations and orphan drugs. New distribution models are going direct-to-patients.

With the combined power of the IQVIA CORE™, you can give your business the precision information necessary to target your commercial strategies, and capitalize on opportunities specific to your markets, products and patients.

You can access the advanced analytics that help predict your patient populations’ concentrations. Or the technology platforms that help you visualize where your product is headed. Or the therapy area expertise and knowledge to uncover the next best move for your business.

These are the resources that can help you know what to look for—and exactly where to look for it—as you move your product forward.

Let us help you see what your customers will want and need next.