Bringing real-world evidence to your entire organization, on-demand

Shifting from single RWE studies to on-going data collection and access opens up vast possibilities for life science companies. Accelerated ability to respond to strategic questions and market opportunities. More dynamic partner interactions with healthcare stakeholders. More cost effective ways to provide insights for your teams.

An evidence platform can give you scalable, on-demand, fit for purpose generation of real-world evidence across your organization, therapeutic areas and geographies. IQVIA can help you create it.

  • Create deep and growing therapy-area expertise by sharing insights and reports to help build institutional knowledge that makes every new decision smarter.
  • Gain on demand, real-time access to evidence that eliminates start-up time and matures and evolves with your brand and franchise for rapid insights when needed.
  • Understand your product’s benefit-risk profile with a holistic view of real-world performance across varied health care settings and diverse patient sub-populations.
  • Demonstrate value to healthcare policy-makers, payers, providers and patients who increasingly demand real-world, personalized proof.
  • Drive therapeutic area leadership by enhancing connectivity and collaboration with your colleagues and customers across payers, providers and regulators.
  • Apply cost and time efficiencies for evidence delivery whilst reducing risk compared to traditional approaches.

Enable scalable RWI generation across your organization.

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