Make launch more predictable: Use advanced analytics that leverages artificial intelligence to gain more precise and useful insights

Each launch has a million moving pieces. Almost all are based on what you know about your market. Which patients are using which products? What is their patient journey? What types of physicians prescribe them? How do treatments and costs vary by geography or provider? Primary market research provides some of the picture.

Now, advanced analytics that employ machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with IQVIA’s diverse portfolio of 530 million anonymous patient records, can change the game. You can gain a much needed, more precise understanding of your market today and where it is going.

  • Use artificial intelligence to obtain patient journeys that tell you what patients and physicians do, so you can ask them why.
  • Simplify analyses and get a quick view of new-to-brand activity using National Brand Performance (NBRx), a summarized metric that combines new therapy starts, switches and add-ons. NBRx leverages both rich longitudinal prescription data and non-identified EMR data.
  • Apply machine learning to predict future market share and launch curves. Adjust your plans and resource allocation to meet expected forecasts.

Let us help you optimize your launch by using patient-segmented RWD.

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