Clinical and real-world experience to fuel your drug development success

Increase the probability of success. Reduce cost. Increase speed of drug development. To solve these problems, you need a holistic approach that connects early and late stage development to access and commercialization.

IQVIA can help. Because we have conducted more clinical trials around the world than any other company. And we’ve helped develop all of the top 50 best-selling drugs worldwide.

Powered by the IQVIA CORE, we bring the commercial view into clinical development. Here are just a few of the ways you can use our insights to stimulate development

  • Patient-Centered Endpoints. We use specialized and precise methods to capture real, quantified evidence of the patient experience during clinical trials, and interpret the outcome in a simple, digestible way. Including these first-hand outcomes in regulatory submissions can help demonstrate the distinct value of your product
  • Wearables & Connected Devices. Regardless of geography or therapeutic area, wearables are demonstrating real potential to transform data collection for clinical trials and accelerate the role of technology in clinical development. Better engage patients and healthcare stakeholders with these emerging technologies.
  • Proprietary data and tech. You can get the combined benefits of our proprietary data, ground-breaking technology, and dynamic analytics, honed from trials both successful and not.
  • IQVIA Stem Cell Center. Drive regenerative medicine and stem cell development from candidate identification through market authorization.

These are services that only IQVIA can bring together.

Contact a consultant to see how we can help you execute trials with more confidence.

Global Approaches to Drug Development: When Ex-US clinical data can support US drug approvals
As drug discovery and development capabilities continue to expand globally, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly interested in understanding the most efficient way to bring drugs to the US market based on a global clinical development strategy.
Patient-Centered Endpoints
Patients come first. We serve them through the development and commercialization of products that capture and clearly communicate the patient's experience.
Regulated Content Management Services
More quality for your eTMF. Less hassle for you.