Transform your decision making with secure, high-performing, scalable data

Support business operations with consistent access to mission-critical information by aggregating raw data from multiple and varied sources.

For today’s life sciences companies, the ability to capture data and create insights is a strategic necessity. However, the ever-growing amounts of data housed in multiple systems and applications throughout the enterprise can limit the ability to put that information to work.

Make the right decisions with better analytics supported by IQVIA™ Data Warehouse. This solution is designed specifically for life sciences companies and brings data from a variety of systems and applications together and then uses workflows, business rules and key performance indicators (KPIs).


  • Ready for the way you do business: Use the most advanced machine learning applications with an extensive KPI library and pre-built business rules for life sciences.

  • Designed to drive insights faster: Accelerate the distribution of insights to key decision makers throughout your organization via seamless integration with IQVIA’s best-in-class data, as well as pre-built connectors for the industry’s most commonly adopted applications.

  • Efficient with your resources: Maximize operational performance and ROI by scaling up or down quickly with IQVIA’s Data Warehouse which is a secure, high-performing and scalable big data solution built on Reltio™ Cloud.
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