Yield the right decisions from purpose-built views of your mission-critical data

Build a holistic view of your key data across multiple domains, including customers, organizations and products with IQVIA Master Data Management (MDM). Partner with the most experienced life science proven people and processes using best-in-class Reltio Cloud technology.

Different teams and systems require unique views of information to support a range of business processes in real-time. Our solution provides appropriate information to the right user and efficiently shares information within the confines of your IT architecture. 

  • View data from all angles with Seamless Access: Gain a comprehensive view of all data, with a golden record of customers, organizational relationships and products within one centralized, scalable and readily maintained system to derive deeper insights across business divisions.
  • Improve Decision Making with Smart Doman Expertise: Get the right information to the right users to enable them to make the right decisions and reduce errors that could lead to compliance concerns or missed opportunities. Providing extensive data governance expertise, IQVIA helps you access comprehensive and auditable data to drive business success. You can rely on a team of professionals with over 60+ years of focusing solely on life sciences.
  • Reduce Time to Insight with Connected Data: Aggregate data from disparate sources for integration with analytics applications to give your organization an edge with predictive analytics.

Access in-depth knowledge of how to integrate and optimize data across internal departments and external sources to unlock the value of corporate assets while providing industry-specific data models to accelerate your time to value.

Your company’s competitive advantage depends on having the right information available to your applications and end users. Having the ability to access your data in this way supports your ability to make the right decisions.


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Let us help you turn data into a powerful commercial asset.