Make your trial a favorite for every site

You’ve selected the best global sites for your trial — but do you have the support you really need to keep them focused and active? Do you have the tools to get sites activated quickly, to keep them trained and engaged, and to report on progress? Can you be confident your sites will meet their goals?

DrugDev Spark by IQVIA is a unified suite of clinical operations tools designed to keep your sites working efficiently and reliably. Integrated solutions for site activation. Learning management. Site engagement. Document exchange, workflow, visit guides and more.

Clients using DrugDev Spark are able to

  • Up to 25% faster site activation
  • Keep sites active throughout the trial with regular news, leaderboards, achievement badges, FAQs, and visit guides
  • Ensure sites are trained and have access to the documents and information they need
  • Eliminate spreadsheets by consolidating trial elements with a collaborative, transparent tool

See how we can help your sites be more productive from start-up through closeout.