Cut through the chaos of infectious disease

A host of new and re-emerging pathogens. An increasingly diverse and dynamic research environment. The study of infectious disease and vaccines is as complex as the populations and environments they impact.

To be competitive, and to navigate this environment with the appropriate balance of agility and proven methodology, tailored solutions at every stage of development are critical.

At IQVIA, we have specialized teams of research professionals and board-certified physicians that are trained in customized solutions for companies of every size and at every stage, as well as for government and nonprofit organizations working to advance broader public health goals.

  • Fast-paced vaccine and seasonal research from first-in-human trials through late-phase
  • Medical management of complex, global, regional and seasonal clinical trials
  • Diverse disease area expertise supporting neglected and tropical diseases, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and emerging pathogens such as Ebola virus and Lassa virus
  • Expertise on drug-device combinations
  • Regulatory support specific to infectious disease research (including biologics, GMO and cell and gene therapy research)

And because these solutions are powered by the IQVIA CORE™, you have dynamically integrated access to a global network of patients and sites, diverse data sets and analytics, and disease-specific experts worldwide.

Learn more about how IQVIA can partner with you to advance your research and help you improve human health globally.  

Flexible solutions for Emerging Biopharma Companies
From defining the plan for your asset, to trial implementation, through launch and commercialization, IQVIA can help you find your path to success.
Q² Solutions
Comprehensive lab solutions, tailored to fit.