Evidence-based solutions that challenge the status quo

Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) represents a public health issue around the world, with no current treatment and heavy consequences on healthcare systems.  The complexities of diagnosing patients, the lack of awareness around the disease, and the reality of moving patients toward treatments that don’t yet exist – it is a perfect storm. And it is clouding our ability to truly understand the disease and move the needle, clinically and commercially.

To change the paradigm of clinical development in NASH, and ensure that risk assessments, market access and reimbursement strategies are prepared to address the unique complexities of this disease and patient population, a new approach is needed.

The status quo must change.

Harnessing the IQVIA CORE™, IQVIA helps accelerate the identification and treatment of undiagnosed patients, and offers new, evidence-based solutions in advancing results in NASH.

Challenge the status quo in NASH

Identifying NASH patients: Solutions and strategies


Impossible to see. Difficult to diagnose. The development environment for NASH may seem like a perfect storm. But we see a way through.

Stratifying and referring the right patients for clinical trials in NASH is a challenge; we know it is more common among people with type-2 diabetes and obesity, but that’s not precise enough. What are the early signs? What are the stages? Where do these patients interact with the system? And since the only definitive diagnostic tool is a painful liver biopsy, improved pre-screening is critical. Join IQVIA’s NASH experts to learn how a multi-faceted, data driven approach early on can change the status quo.

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